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Rockets, Rayguns and Really Nice Tea

In case you didn’t know, I’m running a larp event at Hebden Hey Scout camp, the weekend of Friday, 30th March 2012.

It’s called Rockets, Rayguns and Really Nice Tea, and it’s a game that evokes the excitement of Dan Dare action stories and the creeping horror of Bernard Quatermass.

It’s a set in a world of two-fisted justice, rocket powered heroism, hidden horrors, lurking conspiracy and exploration. Square jawed heroes team up with brilliant academics and savvy politicians to unearth the wonders and horrors of a world still reeling from the Second World War. It is an alternate history larp that features very little steam, hardly any punks and a huge amount of fun.

Want to know more? Some handy, printer friendly downloads are here:

Setting information and timeline
Event Invite
Rules of the game
Equipment List
Booking Form

You can also email Rocketlarp(the at symbol goes here) gmail.com.

Did I mention it's a system that uses NERF? It uses NERF.

EDIT: A quick update. As described elsewhere, I eventually gave this project to very good friends to handle. They’ve done amazing things with it and you can find out more up to date information here:


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