Starburst Work

I am a columnist, reviewer and editor for long running sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine, Starburst.

Editorial wise, I handle book related things. This means spending a lot of time reading and reviewing, going to book events, handling the book side of the industry (along with Phil, our amazing media liaison)  and generally making sure we cover the best book stuff coming out that month.

I write two monthly columns for the magazine. Brave New Words is a summary of what’s coming soon in the world of genre fiction, these days it’s more opinion than news. I also produce a boardgamespages called Roll For Damage, which is a bit of a soap-box. Neither are online, though you can download the entire magazine onto your iPad and read it there.

I also do the book news column for the magazine, called Quoth The Raven. I also manage two of the Magazine’s awards; The Brave New Words Award (for literature that is Brave and New) and The Starburst Hero Award for Literature. The latter is an award for those who are significant to the community.

Much of the magazine is online, here is a very small sampling of what I do. It’s a little dated and a little long at the moment. I typically produce somewhere between eight to twenty pages of contents for the magazine a month, so it’s a little bit of a chore to keep this updated.

(I’ll be honest, all of the stuff below is a little old. Just go to the main site, you’ll find my name fairly quickly.)

Audio Reviews
Ascension of Balthasar
Chosen of Khorne

Book Reviews
13th Horseman
Architect of Fate
Angel of Fire
Blood and Feathers
Champions of Mars
Crossing Over
Dark North
Day of Demons
Dead Harvest
Dead Winter
Department 19
Destiny Quest
Empty Space
Empire of Saviours
Fear To Tread
If I die
Immortal Rules
Iron Knight
Iron Winter
Jack Glass
Know No Fear
Lord Of Slaughter
Masque of Red Death
Orion Vault of Winter
Pax Omega
Priests of Mars
Salvation’s Reach
Seven Wonders
Shadows Master
Shadows of Treachery
Silent Voices
Swords of the Emperor
Tangle of Need
The Alchemist of Souls
The Armageddon Rag
The Corpse Rat King
The Devil’s Nebula
The Dusk Watchman
The Double Edged Sword,Traitors Gate and London Stone (A trilogy).
The Emperor’s Gift
The Gathering Dark
The Great Game
The Primarchs
The Red Knight
The Science of Avatar
Touch of Power
Total Recall
Treacheries of The Space Marines
Trinity Rising
Ultramarines – The Second Omnibus
Valkia the Bloody
Whispers Underground
Wrath of Iron

Comic Reviews
Battle Beasts
Grandville Bete Noir
Saga Volume 1
Manhattan Projects
Savage – The Guv’nor
Star Wars – Force Storm
Strontium Dog – Life and Death

Event/Theatre Reviews

Ballad of Halo Jones
Black Library Live! 2012
Salute 2012


James Swallow

  1. Lilly (Shuxin Lü)
    October 30, 2022 at 8:43 am

    Dear Ed Fortune,

    Hello! I’m Lilly, a college student from Shanghai, China, majoring in Theatre Management. I’ve recently been browsing and researching extensively on new stage productions from around the world for my undergraduate thesis.

    When I read about The Twenty-Sided Tavern online, I thought it was a very interesting combination of game and theatre, but there was so little information available online that I cannot carry out research on it. I read your review article of it, and I wonder if you could answer me:

    1. Does the play have a main story? Is it like an adventure game with the main line of getting equipment and fighting monsters to win in the end?
    2. What percentage of the play do you think is improvised by the actors?
    3. In your experience, was it more the performance of the actors or the interactive nature of the play that made it so enjoyable?
    4. Would you be interested in seeing this play again, or even multiple times?

    I would be very appreciative if I could get a reply from you.

    Lilly (Shuxin Lü)

    • October 30, 2022 at 11:39 am

      Odd place to contact me, but sure:

      1) Yes, it’s a D&D scenario with a beginning, middle and end and the crew work toward it. Think ‘Critical Role’ but with more interactive toys and more ‘theatre style’ performance.

      2) At least half

      3) The performers

      4) Yes.

  1. September 3, 2019 at 9:22 pm

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