Published Short Stories

I’m the literary editor of Starburst Magazine. That means I oversee book reviews, run a book podcast, do the book news and am generally the magazine’s book guy. That also means I love reading stories. Sometimes, I also write my own.

I write short stories. Occasionally, people put these into compilations which are available for sale.

Issue 400 of Starburst Magazine features my tale Origin. It’s available via the Starburst website.

I wrote a tale called Marked for Death for the anthology Marching Time

Grim and Grimmer Volume Two features a dark fairy tale called ‘Paved by Gold’ written by me.

And I also have a very, very short story 100 Horrors, which is an e-book filled with very short stories. Some of my work can also be found Fox Spirit books ‘Fox Pockets’ series.

One of my shorts can be found in an anthology called Shakespeare Vs. Cthulhu.

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