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So that was 2021

Well, that was 2021. Very low on updates; I moved to Scotland, wrote a couple of books (first drafts only, alas) and tried to stay the heck away from that global pandemic that’s currently going on. So I’m afraid this humble blog got a little neglected, the poor thing.

Ended up running an awful lot of D&D for friends, thanks to the magic of Zoom and D&D Beyond. I also got to play-test a few games, pitch in on some projects and generally get some cool stuff done. There’s some amazing one-shots coming up for the Force Majeure Podcast, some new Brave New Words show coming up and of course, Starburst Magazine is back on the shelves after a long hiatus.

Stay tuned to this spot, more rambling will be appearing on this page on future. And thanks for checking this humble blog out.

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