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My Conzealand 2020 Schedule

Here is a list of panels that I’ll be on as part of Conzealand 2020 – Worldcon. It’s all online because of course it is. Some of these are quite early in the morning because it’s the other side of the world.

Novel vs. Game: Approaches to Narrative Fiction
14:00, Wednesday 29 Jul 2020 NZST (50 minutes) That’s 03:00, Wednesday 29 Jul 2020 BST)
Many modern games center around a narrative story, which unfolds as the player plays the game. What are the similarities and differences in the way a story is told in the two media? What are the similarities and differences between writing a game and writing a novel?

The World of Independent Board Games: Beyond D & D
16:00, Wednesday 29 Jul 2020 NZST (50 minutes) 5:00, Wednesday 29 Jul 2020 BST
Just about everyone has rolled a 12-sided die at one time or another, but there’s a whole new world of indie games like….

Kaffeeklatsch: Ed Fortune
11:00, Thursday 30 Jul 2020 NZST (50 minutes) 0:00, Thursday 30 Jul 2020 BST
Basically it’s an ask me anything session. These tend to be quite fun.

From Kuttner to Pratchett: Humour in Science Fiction and Fantasy
15:00, Saturday 1 Aug 2020 NZST (50 minutes) 4:00, Saturday 1 Aug 2020 BST
It was a cliche that humour wouldn’t work in SF/F, but numerous practitioners have proved otherwise. This is true both in writing (with writes like Henry Kuttner, Douglas Adams, Tom Holt, and especially Terry Pratchett) and in movies and TV (Galaxy Quest and Red Dwarf are examples).  What types of humor work and don’t work in SF/F?

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